GearJock - Sick & twisted but mostly cute.

If electricity comes from electrons, does morality come from morons?

GearJock- Sick and Twisted; but generally cute
14 May 1960
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My partner calls me the most complex simple person he's ever met. If you are an acquaintance, I am affable, pleasant, a good conversationalist and just a little shy.

Once you get to a deeper level of friendship, I'm more fun than a barrel of drunken monkeys smoking crack while on fire floating down the river. I am also a firm believer in lifelong friendship and loyalty to my friends.

I'm told I have a twisted mind, quick wit and a great sense of humor, but I was also told Rogaine works, so life may be full of dissapointments, be warned ;0

Very visually stimulated. I love art, architecture, color, design and those who can stretch each of them past what others consider their breaking points.

All that and a shitload of fun! WHAT a bargain! Operators are standing by, MC/VISA/AMEX accepted, offer void in Nebraska, some assembly required, batteries NOT included, not recommended for internal use.

Some of the entries, fiction and comments in my journal are of an adult nature. This is America we are entitled to free speech, if such subjects offend you, please DO NOT ask to friend me. Just move on, I think there are like 100,000 plus other journals.

I am liberal in adding LJ friends, but I will read your journal, check your interests and see if they sync up. I LOVE journals of people who's interests are NOT as well as are similar to mine, but if I see a blog full-up of only angst, meme's and the drama-llama; we won't be getting along very well. Everyone has bumpy spots in there life, but they should be bumps, not a lifetime habit.

I always like people who are their "own person", complex and a little unconventional. So hopefully you enjoy my journal and I look forward to getting to know you as well!